You have a venue where you have clients in weekly during the season. They are looking to find a place where they can have a chance to build memories that will last forever. They hope that these memories are of all the wonderful details that happened during their special day.

We have a new prospective for you: Add DJ services from your dedicated DJ staff. We can be your dedicated staff DJ. We can help you show that you are so committed to their satisfaction that you have searched out and found a professional who will always deliver the best experience in that particular venue. When you explain that you have found a dedicated individual who knows the details of your venue so well that they don’t have to worry about all the little things that can pop up to cause trouble.


Oh, I forgot to mention one small detail. You can sell your dedicated, specialized dj/music experience for whatever amount you can. Our pricing will be a simple flat rate per event. For instance, our service would normally cost between $1800 and $2500 in the open market. You can sell the show for $2000. We do a show worth at least that much and charge you $1000. You just made an additional grand while giving your client a premier experience. Everyone wins.