good pod?

How much static will you tolerate?  How much rambling is too much?  Did Mr. Tangent go off on another one?

It’s hard to gauge what are good criteria for the final output when it comes to good pod.  Some shows are so over-produced they sound contrived.  Others are so “stream-of-consciousness” that they are hard to follow.  Like so many times in life the answer is somewhere in the middle.  I can’t binge on a show if it sounds too much like NPR.  On the other hand a couple of friends riffing on current events starts out good but if I get distracted then I’m lost and may never get caught.  The good pod out there is done by talent that makes it look easy and doesn’t sound too prepared.  We will be working hard to get to and keep the talent and content fresh and not over done.

What do you think?  How much pod do you enjoy and how many have you heard that isn’t to your taste and why?


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