JackUp Video Service Details

In today’s world expectations are pretty high and it doesn’t matter how insignificant the situation.

So, what do we all do about it? We set our standards very high and we hope most will appreciate the effort.

We have seen so many real estate listing that have beautiful pictures. Pictures that should show some great details, but distort what the space looks like in person. Agents and Brokers, is this a potential problem for you? We have a solution to your distorted pictures and lack of flow situations in your properties. How about a walk-through? It will be just like you are walking through the listing. The clarity is great and we have figured out a few details that can keep distraction at bay. Oh, and we wear shoe covers too.


Do you want to enjoy the next family/business/social event instead of being the person working hard to record the event so that everyone can be reminded of all the fun they had? Give us a call or email. We can help you collect all the evidence you’ll need for your next promotion. Or we can just capture those beautiful moments with your children.

we can add voice talent to your videos
we can add effects to your videos
we can edit your videos together and add effects and add voice talent
we use professional software from Adobe to edit the video

Here’s the deal:
the basic video is around 10 minutes for a reasonable house, a big house will be longer
there will be at least a basic walk around of the house perimeter and yard
after the perimeter we will walk the interior with shoe covers
all this footage will be taken and edited together and uploaded to YouTube.
a link will be sent to you to the video, you add it to your listing’s page and your prospects can view it as much as they want
this service is $200 but you don’t pay until the listing closes, then you have a week to respond after we send the invoice
we can add professionally trained voice over description to the video for $100

if you would like to have your event recorded with better than HD quality video and professional sound engineering we can be available for your event, $500 gets you 3 hours of time, we can talk about what you want done with the footage afterward, the post production is included in this package

we want to impress you and your audience, give us a chance to show you what we can do for you